Microsoft Azure, previously known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing service which was launched by Microsoft. Access to computing resources allows Azure’s clients to host servers, databases and virtual machines to name just a few.
Whether you are familiar with cloud computing or new to the concept, Azure offers training and certification which can enhance your credentials.

The Microsoft Azure training has different paths that determine the skills you will acquire, and the certification you will receive. [Microsoft Exam files can be found here.]

1. Azure Administrator
This path helps you to acquire knowledge on how to assess and control the services which are commonly used. This path has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

2. Azure Stack Operator
A stack is an appliance which is connected to a datacenter (hybrid cloud platform). It allows you to use Azure services from your own datacenter.
The stack operator learns the architecture of the appliance. This enables the certification holder to operate the Azure services, control how the appliance is deployed, monitored and configured.

3. Azure Solution Architect
The role of cloud solution architects is to ensure the customer is using Azure cloud services properly. He is trained to use the current business problem / vision to put together the right solution which suits the business in question. The process involves looking at scalability, performance requirements, security, and compliance as well as analyzing the right cloud model.

4. Node.js Developer on Azure
This role focuses on the services used on Microsoft Azure when they develop and deploy Node.js applications. After understanding the Azure architecture, you will be able to automate the cloud to deploy these applications and explore features to improve them continuously.

5. .NET Developer on Azure
This path is mostly for developers and architects looking to verse themselves with Azure. The training allows development, deployment of applications and APIs. They also focus on features which help them build resilient systems which can recover from disasters.

6. AI Developer on Azure
People who follow this path can accelerate development of AI solutions with high-level services, making it possible to develop next-generation applications.

7. Azure for AWS Professionals
This course is for professionals in Amazon Web Services (AWS) who would wish to learn Azure.

The various certification categories are:
I) Mobility- Those who stand out as experts in secure and robust mobility management for large corporations.

II) Productivity- Those interested in deploying Microsoft Office Cloud and Hybrid solutions to customers.

III) Data- For people who exhibit expertise in Microsoft Business Intelligence

IV) App Builders- provide resources for faster delivery and continuous improvement in the organization of software delivery.

V) Business Applications- Experts in specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics technologies.

VI) Cloud- Is awarded to those aimed at benefiting from the increased demand for software as a service (SaaS) solutions and infrastructure on built on Azure.

Certification exam codes include:

70-473- Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
This exam is given to prove their knowledge in the design and manipulation of solutions for Microsoft data platform. The topics covered in this exam include managing DBMS security, designing database options for SQL server and database, and designing for scalability, disaster management, and recovery.

70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
This exam is for data developers and architects who design big data analytics options for Ms. Azure. The topics include: developing Real-time data processing solutions for large data, designing batch processing and interactive solutions and operationalizing end-to-end cloud analytics solutions.

70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services
This exam is prepared for people with at most five years experience in developing web services. It covers designing and implementing WCF Services, deploying web applications and related services and querying and manipulation of data using Entity Framework.

70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
This is for people who have experience in designing, programming, and maintenance of Ms. Azure solutions. The topics included are: the design and implementation of storage and data strategy, management of application, identity and network services and managing Azure virtual machines (Resource Manager.)

70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (Replaces the retired 70-534 Exam)
This exam is intended for students who want to prove their skill in Azure solution design. The topics covered include: designing Azure apps (Web and Mobile), designing application storage and data access networking and designing advanced applications.

70-774-Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning
This exam is for data analysts who use Azure to build (and deploy) intelligent solutions. The topics tested are: managing and operationalizing Azure Machine Learning services, Preparing data for analysis in AML (Azure machine learning) and export from AML, and using other services for machine learning.

70-775: Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft HDInsight
This is taken by data architects who use HDInsight to implement big data engineering workflows. The topics covered include: implementing big data real-time processing solutions, administer and provision HDlnsight clusters and enforcing real-time processing solutions of big data.